Image and video credits

Unless otherwise indicated images and footage are from Mosman Library’s Local Studies Collection.

Judy Gibson
  • Courtesy of Judy Gibson
  • Courtesy of Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and / or State Records NSW
  • Courtesy of Sydney Tramway Museum
  • Footage licence obtained through Thought Equity Motion
John Hiscox
  • Courtesy of John Hiscox
  • Courtesy of Sydney Tramway museum
  • Footage licence obtained through Thought Equity Motion
Marlene Reid
  • Courtesy of Marlene Reid
  • Courtesy of Sydney Tramway Museum
Rob Bagnall
  • Courtesy of Sydney Tramway Museum
Paul Delprat
  • Courtesy of Paul Delprat
Dom Lopez
  • Courtesy of Dom Lopez
  • Footage courtesy of Dom Lopez
Barry O’Keefe
Gaynor Mitchell
  • Courtesy of Gaynor Mitchell
Colleen Godsell
Gavin Souter
  • Footage licence obtained through Thought Equity Motion
Mavis Sykes

Images courtesy of:
Margot Alaba
Anne Blackwell
Elizabeth Britton
Ian Campbell
Pat Campbell
Shane Carroll
Anne Dawes
John Eldershaw
Cassie Farrell
Jane Fitzgerald
Hamilton City Libraries, N.Z.
Clifton Haynes
Claudia Hickey
Lindy Lamb
Ann Lewis
Rosalie Lucas
Amanda Moore
Michele Morcos
Ann Morgan
Mosman Daily`
Wendy Myers
Judy and David Plomley
Eliska Sarka
Louise Seale
Megan Thompson
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University Libraries – Showgirls digital collection

Patrick and Ellen Leahy

Images courtesy of:
Carroll Family
Balmoral Beach Club archives
P Leahy Pty Ltd
Eddie Liston
National Library of Ireland
National Library of New Zealand
Noreen Powell

Migrants to Mosman

Images courtesy of:
Arvind Baddepudi and Minal Dalvi
Terry Carew-McLain
Serge Dansereau
Dekyvere Family
Aurelien Druart-Potron and Ivana Druart-Potron
Graham Elder-White
History Collection
Eve Klein
Wesley Lew
Randa Loupis
Kerry Papas
Marc Parmentier
Julia Patterson
Albert Pinelli
Alessandra Pucci

Olympic Families of Mosman

Images courtesy of:
Mark Bethwaite
Nicky Bethwaite
Julian Bethwaite
Kim Herford
Middle Harbour Yacht Club – Julie Hodder
National Library of New Zealand
Northbridge Sailing Club Archives at Willoughby Local Studies Collection Willoughby Library
Spit Swimming Club
State Library of New South Wales
Jean Wilmot OAM
James Wilmot
Bob Wilmot
Nathan Wilmot
Yachting New Zealand in Sail-World magazine

About the project

A glimpse of the stories on Mosman faces…

Mosman Faces was made possible after a successful grant application, by the Local Studies section at Mosman Library, for a Library Council of NSW Library Development Grant in early 2010.

After momentary self congratulations on receiving a grant reality quickly set in and the hard work began!

The aim of Mosman Faces was to present a visual story of Mosman through filmed interviews complemented by scanned images of materials from Mosman’s Local Studies Collection.

Recreating a story requires much activity behind the scenes – gathering information, selecting materials and images, scanning images, setting up the website and of course the interviewing and filming.

Filming the interviews was conducted over a few weeks. The cameras rolled, the words flowed and the stories unique to Mosman were brought to life.

Like our already existing interactive website – Mosman Memories of Your Street – a place for past and present residents of Mosman to share memories of their street, Mosman Faces gives the audience an opportunity to respond, comment and share stories.

This interaction sustains community engagement in Mosman’s story, allowing greater access to, and increased awareness of, the Local Studies Collection for past, present and future generations.

Once the words and pictures were combined, a little music added and a logo designed, word was out and was launched in late May 2011.

Mary Lou Byrne
Project Co-ordinator, Mosman Faces