Mosman Faces

Welcome to Mosman Faces

Mosman Faces is about people and places, a place to share your stories of Mosman.

In this first series of Mosman Faces ten people tell stories that have shaped the Mosman community. The stories create a visual history of Mosman through film and through images from Mosman Library’s Local Studies collection.

We aim to build on these interviews through your comments and responses to the stories and the snaps. Mosman’s story is ongoing and we need you to tell it with us, to bring it to life and preserve it for present and future generations.

Your Faces

    View these photos and more on the Mosman Faces Flickr Group.

    Your Comments

    • Michael Taffe (Judy Gibson)

      For Judy Gibson, I have a handwritten note from Percy Neville Barnett to Charles D. Cody ‘Buffolo Bill’ in 1936 in relation to book collecting and …

    • Dr. Alex Sándor Kolozsy.C.D.V.A. (Paul Delprat)

      Mr, Paul Delprat. Artis. Dear Paul please ring me, or send me a massage, It is very importatnt I would like to open my future One Man …

    • Mike Baker (Judy Gibson)

      I got to know Dave Cody as I helped deliver meals to him in the later years of his retirement in Berkeley Vale. He was …